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Willow Manor is the first residential real estate group of its kind. Its managing partners, Zach Walkerlieb and Mike McNamara, have blended together the strength of tradition and the power of the emerging digital world to create an incredible system to guide you through each step of the real estate process while providing you luxury-level service and achieving your personal goals and desires.

We observe tradition by offering a superior level of service with a strict loyalty to the Realtor code of ethics. We embrace the evolution of the industry by offering customized marketing plans tailored to the specific needs of our clients and their homes. Willow Manor recognizes the importance of new methods of marketing and has created a digital marketing company to ensure your home receives state-of-the-art exposure with superior results.

Willow Manor is a force in the residential real estate industry. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the marketplace and in our community. We pave the way for others to follow. Our network expands locally, nationally, and internationally thereby ensuring our clients are leveraging the most resourceful group of professionals available. Because we are at the forefront of industry knowledge, we are able to adapt to changing market conditions and the needs of our clients with exceptional speed.

Las Vegas is our home and real estate is our passion. We are raising our families here and firmly believe as we help create a wonderful home environment for you, our client, we are also creating a better city and community for our families to enjoy.

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