Would QB Tom Brady be a bad fit for the Raiders?

The rumblings for the past few weeks have been that the Raiders could be interested in trading away Derek Carr and replacing him with Tom Brady. In fact, there was a belief that Brady and Rob Gronkowski were coming to Vegas in 2020 before ultimately deciding to sign with the Buccaneers.

But now that Brady is a free agent once again, could he join Josh McDaniels and the Raiders? That certainly seems like a possibility. However, that might not be the best decision for the franchise.

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In a recent article by Vic Tafur of The Athletic, he named six reasons why Brady might not be a great fit with the Raiders. One of the reasons, outside of his age, why Brady might not fit is due to the strength of the division. Here is what Tafur had to say about Brady and why the Chiefs and Chargers might scare Brady away:

“Why would he want to join a division with Patrick Mahomes, the best player in the league, and Justin Herbert, who even his critics would admit is also a top-eight quarterback? Why would Brady want to play those guys twice a season?

And while I didn’t buy the Broncos hype this season, they should be a lot better with a new coach who draws up plays that actually fit Russell Wilson.”

Why would Brady want to come to a division and instantly be the third-best quarterback? It’s a real concern, but it obviously didn’t bother him when Drew Brees was in New Orleans with the Saints. Brady is going to go to the best situation for him and that might be Las Vegas with all of their weapons and draft capital.

Signing a 46-year-old Tom Brady coming off a bad playoff loss isn’t quite as appealing as it was three years ago. But there would be some value in adding his leadership and experience to this team. Keep an eye on this situation as it could happen rather quickly this offseason.

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