Fight on Flight

Fight on Flight

In the latest edition of the new Las Vegas Visitor, today Frontier Airlines had to kick two women off Las Vegas-bound plane for fighting, and disrupting the flight.

Frontier Airlines flight 2143 from Philadelphia was scheduled to arrive in Las Vegas around 8:40 p.m. but had to land in Denver after passengers began fighting and screaming World Star — a term ghetto thugs use while fighting in hopes of landing on the ghetto fight site.

Two women were taken on the plane and met by Denver police officers, said Michael Konopasek, Frontier Airlines corporate communications manager.

From Business Travelers and VIP to Ghetto Fabulous!

Sadly, as we have been covering for awhile now, the Las Vegas we all knew and loved is dead. Killed by Governor Sisolak’s shutdowns and done in by our new WOKE sheriff and a governor posing as a Republican that refuses to address the rampant violence and chaos throughout our city and state.

As we reported yesterday, things are so bad that SWAT standoffs, stabbings, and shootings are now something that you can see almost daily on the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, yesterday we has a SWAT standoff at Caesars Palace, where an armed man busted out windows from his hotel room and started hurling furniture out at people trying to enjoy a day in the sun at the Caesars Palace pool.

Just a day earlier,  a naked meth-head made his way through three  Las Vegas Strip casinos fully nude, after attacking a homeless amputee — Seriously you can’t make this stuff up!

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