Raiders DE Chandler Jones must prove breakout performance not one-game wonder

The Las Vegas Raiders won just six games last season despite being in playoff contention for most of the year. They lost their final three games of the season and went 1-4 in their final five contests.

But this year could be different as they’ve completely overhauled their defense and made some big changes on offense. Is this a team that could win two or three more games during the upcoming season?

In a recent article by Alex Kay of Bleacher Report, he took a look at five teams that are primed to make a leap during the 2023 season. That list included the Las Vegas Raiders as they have made several big news on both sides of the ball. Here is a snippet of their thoughts on the Raiders going into the year:

Despite the myriad of defensive changes, Vegas’ success in 2023 still almost certainly hinges on Garoppolo’s health. The 31-year-old looked good when he was thrust back into action last year—leading the San Francisco 49ers to seven wins in 10 starts—but went down with a broken foot late in the year and was replaced by rookie Brock Purdy.

If Garoppolo can avoid missing significant amounts of time, an issue he’s faced in three of the last five seasons, the Raiders will have a chance to contend.

As Kay mentioned, the health of Garoppolo will obviously play a big factor in the success of the Raiders. But the defense really needs to take a step up, especially at linebacker and in the secondary. If both of those units can improve, the Raiders will have a chance in the ever-crowded AFC.

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