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Fans of the Raiders have the distinction of having the most expensive NFL team to support in person.

The Raiders have seen the cost of attending a game over the last 10 years jump 93 percent, or $356.46, to an average of $738.36 per game, according to US Betting Report. That is well above the average percentage change of 37 percent in the NFL over that time.

The Raiders in 2020 relocated from Oakland to the $2 billion Allegiant Stadium, where season tickets sold out before construction on the facility was complete. Although now pricier, largely due to the move, Raiders games at Allegiant Stadium have been ranked among the best in customer satisfaction, taking home the top spot in 2022.

US Betting Report came up with the list using its fan cost index which took into account total cost of taking a family of four to a game. That included prices of four average-priced tickets, two small draft beers, four small soft drinks, four regular-size hot dogs, parking, two game programs and the two least-expensive, adult-size adjustable caps. These factors have been compared over a 10-year period (2012-2022), to decide which has increased the most.

The Raiders on Thursday weren’t available for comment.

Of the four major pro sports leagues, the Raiders saw second-biggest percentage jump in cost to watch a pro sports team live, just behind former Bay Area neighbors, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. The average cost for a family of four to attend a Warriors game jumped 184 percent over the 10-year span to $740.08.

In the NFL the Cleveland Browns saw the second largest increase in cost to attend a game at 72.6 percent, the Philadelphia Eagles third at 71 percent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were fourth (66.1 percent) and the Kansas City Chiefs fifth with a 62.9 percent spike.

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