Useful tips to protect your property when you are on vacation

Most of us prefer to go on long vacations to get a break from our hectic routines. However, if you are travelling abroad or to a nearby city, you may have to leave your house vacant, which calls for crucial safety measures. Having a property unattended may pose risks of theft, water damage during rains, etc. However, there are simple steps to protect your home in your absence and enjoy a stress-free vacation.


Secure the entry points

Before you leave the house, make sure to lock all the doors and windows. Consider installing deadbolts for additional protection. It is essential to complete the repairs required, if any, rather than leaving these tasks for a later time.

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Secure valuables

Keep valuables in a secure place, preferably a locker. These may include jewellery, artefacts and important papers such as insurance policies, certificates, etc. While physical copies may be prone to getting lost or stolen, keeping digital copies of the documents is considered safe.


Activate home security system

Set up your home security system, including motion detectors, alarms and CCTV cameras. Hire professional service to get the system checked. Set home automation systems and timers for lights to give the impression that someone is home. You can install sensor lights for your home exteriors. Download mobile applications connected to your home security system to get real-time alerts.

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Inform neighbours and friends

Keep your neighbours and landlord (if you are staying on rent) to keep a watch on your house. Share your contact information and itinerary so they can contact you in case of an emergency. Ask them to do regular checks to ensure everything is secure. If you have pets at home, you can request a friend to take care of them while you are away.


Get emergency contact information

Keep a list of local emergency numbers with you, which includes the police, fire department, medical services and utility service providers such as plumbers and electricians.


Lawn maintenance

Do not neglect your home’s outdoor areas. Prune the houseplants and mow your lawn before leaving for vacation. Set up a drip irrigation system or seek a neighbour’s help for watering the lawn in your absence. Opt for pest control measures if required.


Safeguard against electrical hazards

Unplug non-essential electronic items and appliances to reduce any risk of fire hazards and energy consumption. These include television, kitchen and bathroom appliances, etc. Choose surge protectors for refrigerators and other essential appliances to protect equipment against power surges.


Purchase home insurance

Home insurance is designed to secure your house against unforeseen risks, including natural calamities. By opting for this insurance policy, you can get coverage for your house or rented apartment and your personal belongings against burglary, fire, storms, floods, etc.


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