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In this Nov. 2, 2018, file photo, UFC president Dana White speaks at a news conference in New York.

UFC President Dana White took responsibility in a news conference Wednesday for slapping his wife, Anne, on New Year’s Eve.

“There are no excuses for it,” he said. “It’s something I’m going to have to deal with and live with for the rest of my life.

“There’s no defense for this, and people should not be defending me over this thing, no matter what. All the criticism I have received this week is 100% warranted and will receive in the future.”

White was caught on video made public by TMZ slapping his wife while they vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The video shows his slap came as a retaliation after she slapped him first. Others at the party then intervened.

White said he would not self-impose a punishment.

“What should the repercussions be?” he asked, rhetorically. “I take 30 days off? How does that hurt me? … Me leaving hurts the company, hurts my employees, hurts the fighters. It doesn’t hurt me.”

White said he was especially disappointed in himself because he has been advocate against violence on women.

“I was very opinionated on this, and I still am,” he said. “It’s crazy that I’m even sitting here having this conversation with you guys.”

Anne White previously said in a statement to TMZ that the slap was “out of character.”

“Nothing like this has ever happened before,” she said. “Unfortunately, we were both drinking too much on New Year’s Eve and things got out of control on both sides. We’ve talked this through as a family and apologized to each other.”

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