Top 10 garden centres and nurseries in Bangalore

Are you passionate about plants and gardening? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced plant parent, nurturing plants can be a fulfilling and therapeutic hobby. Bangalore is home to plenty of nurseries and garden centres where you can find various plants and expert advice. Check out this guide to explore some of the best places in the city to satisfy your green thumb and embark on your plant parent journey.


Top 10 garden centres and nurseries in Bangalore

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How to reach Bangalore?

By air: Kempegowda International Airport connects Bangalore to other important cities in India and around the world.

By rail: Bangalore has a well-developed railway network. The Bangalore City Railway Station (SBC) is the main railway station in the city.

By road: National Highways (NH) and State Highways connect Bangalore to various major cities in Karnataka and other states. There are regular bus services from cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and many other cities to Bangalore.


Bangalore’s best garden centres and nurseries

Lalbagh Nursery

Location: Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore

How to reach?

Lalbagh is a well-known destination, easily accessible by public transport like buses and taxis. If you’re driving, there’s parking available nearby for a fee.

Lalbagh Nursery, situated at Bangalore’s famous Lalbagh Botanical Garden, is a treasure trove of outdoor plants and trees. They offer a variety of plants, including hibiscus, jasmine, bougainvillaea, crotons, money plants and palms. You can also find exotic plants, although they may not always be available.


Garden Care

Top 10 garden centres and nurseries in Bangalore

Source: Garden Care


Location: Yelahanka, Bangalore

How to reach?

Yelahanka is a popular area in Bangalore and well connected by public transport.

Garden Care is a popular nursery known for its vast selection of plants. With nearly 1,000 plant species available, they also cater to bulk and wholesale orders. Their collection includes flowering, indoor, hanging and exotic varieties like the Swiss Cheese and Monstera plants. They also provide compost, soil, pots and plant support structures.


Green Yard

Location: HSR Layout, Bangalore

How to reach?

HSR Layout is a well-connected locality. You can reach Green Yard by public transport, taxi or private vehicle. Additionally, you can order online from their website.

The Green Yard is a garden centre and plant store offering various plants and gardening supplies. They have indoor and outdoor plants, bonsai, medicinal plants and fruit trees. You can conveniently order online and have them delivered across the country. They also stock cute planters and pots.



Location:  Indiranagar, Bengaluru

How to reach?

Use local transportation or a taxi to reach Indiranagar.

If you’re focused on indoor plants, Klorophyl is the perfect store. They exclusively offer indoor and semi-shade plants, including Alocasia, Monstera, ZZ Plants, creepers and climbers. The knowledgeable staff provides expert advice and ongoing support. They also share helpful guides and tips on their Instagram page.


Indo-American Hybrid Seeds Garden Centre

Top 10 garden centres and nurseries in Bangalore

Source: IAHS Garden Centre

Location: Banashankari, Bangalore

How to reach?

Banashankari is easily accessible by public transport and cabs. If you can’t visit their outlet, look out for their presence at pop-ups and flea markets.

The Indo-American Hybrid Seeds Garden Centre offers everything a plant enthusiast needs. They have everything from flowering plants to succulents, orchids, and bonsai. They also stock seeds, planters, garden accessories and plant care products. You might find them at various pop-ups and flea markets if you can’t visit their Banashankari outlet.


The Bagh Store

Location: BTM Layout, Bangalore

How to reach?

BTM Layout is a known locality and The Bagh Store is reachable using public transport such as local buses, taxis. You can also drive to reach the store.

Urban gardeners will love The Bagh Store in BTM Layout. They offer a variety of plants, including hanging bridal lace, hoya plants, anthurium and succulents. They also carry rare plants like the cobra fern, echeveria raindrops, Hindu rope plant, string of hearts, and watermelon peperomia. They also stock herbs, medicinal plants, pots, accessories and propagation bottles.


Balaji Nursery

Location: Jayanagar, Bangalore

How to reach?

Jayanagar is a well-established area in Bangalore, and locals should be able to guide you to Balaji Nursery. Public transport or taxis are convenient options.

Balaji Nursery is a one-stop destination for indoor plants, garden plants, water plants and vertical gardens. They have an extensive collection of popular succulents, ornamental plants, and air-purifying plants. The knowledgeable staff can help you choose suitable plants based on your preferences and schedule. Home delivery is also available.


PCR Nursery

Location: Electronic City Phase 1, Bangalore

How to reach?

Electronic City is well-connected and PCR Nursery should be accessible by public transport and cabs.

With over 1,000 plant varieties, PCR Nursery in Electronic City is like a plant mall. They cultivate their plants in a vast facility and offer an extensive selection at their ECity location. You can find begonias, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, aglaonema, ferns, cacti, and succulents. They also sell gardening tools, accessories and a variety of pots.


Krishnendra Nursery

Location: Siddapura (near Lalbagh), Bangalore

How to reach?

Siddapura is close to Lalbagh and locals can help you find Krishnendra Nursery. Public transport or taxis are convenient options.

Krishnendra Nursery offers a wide range of plants at affordable prices. They utilise biotech techniques to grow healthy and resilient plants. If you’re looking for colourful plants, they specialise in vibrant flowers and leaves. Additionally, they stock gardening accessories like gravel, pebbles and functional planters.


Saniya Nursery

Top 10 garden centres and nurseries in Bangalore

Source: Saniya Nursery


Location: Jakkasandra Extension, HSR Layout, Bengaluru

How to reach?

HSR Layout is a well-connected locality. You can reach Green Yard by public transport, taxi, or your private vehicle.

Saniya Nursery is known for its diverse range of plants and terracotta pots. They have a lovely collection of Tulsi, jade plants, lotus, and marigolds. While exotic and seasonal plants are subject to availability, the owner, Arif, can keep you informed. They offer Dunzo delivery within a 5 km radius.



Are home deliveries available from Bangalore nurseries?

Yes, several nurseries, such as Balaji Nursery and Saniya Nursery, offer home delivery services for your convenience.

Can I find gardening supplies and accessories at these nurseries?

Yes, along with plants, these nurseries typically stock gardening supplies and accessories such as soil, compost, pots, planters, support structures, gravel, pebbles and propagation bottles.

Do these nurseries cater to wholesale or bulk orders?

Yes, some nurseries like Garden Care and PCR Nursery cater to bulk and wholesale orders, making them suitable for larger gardening projects or businesses.

Where can I find nurseries specialising in indoor plants?

Klorophyl is a nursery exclusively dedicated to indoor and semi-shade plants. They offer a wide selection of indoor plants and provide expert advice on their care.

Can I find plants and gardening supplies online?

Yes, Green Yard allows you to conveniently order plants and gardening supplies online and deliver them nationwide.

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