North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas

The North Las Vegas police are on the scene of yet the latest gang-related shooting to hit the Valey. According to our sources three l19 years olds were shot and one is dead in a a gang-related shooting that took place near a Circle K store on West Centennial Parkway at approximately 3 p.m.

Eyewitnesses reported that three teenagers were walking near Circle K when someone opened fire on them. One of the teens was fatally wounded and collapsed on the spot, while the other two managed to flee, their shirts drenched in blood — those two are currently being treated at UMC.

This latest gang-related act of violence serves as a grim reminder of the out-of-control violence that has taken over the valley. Law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation into the shooting. Currently, West Centennial Parkway is shut down between Revere and Commerce Street.

Earlier in the month, the WOKE Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Kevin McMahill attempted to make excuses for these violent gang members, telling local reporters “They have no job. They have no opportunity. They have no really home life, oftentimes and so we have to continue our effort there and try to make a difference.” A month earlier the same sheriff praised the criminal George Floyd and claimed that police being mean to these criminals was why recruitment was so low.

But as we’ve been reporting, gang violence has taken over many areas of the valley, including nightly attacks on Fremont Street.

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