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I come from a long line of teachers in my family. My mother recently retired from CCSD after 25 years of teaching first and second grade. This is my second-year teaching at a public school for CCSD. I teach at a Title I At Risk/High Needs Elementary school located in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

My schools “supply closet” is lacking to put it mildly. We have no PTA or parent involvement. We also probably have the most embarrassing school library (it’s only got 3 shelves-it’s a small library with not many Kinder friendly/AR grade level appropriate books). We don’t even have popular titles like Rainbowfish or the Biscuit Book series.

Most of my students’ families cannot provide school supplies so I end up having to purchase most of the supplies out of my personal pocketbook. Many of my students are also English language learners. Despite the challenges my students face in and out of the classroom, they come to school every day with a smile on their face eager and excited to learn.

As many of you know teachers can only write off $200.00 on their taxes and I spent over $2,500.00 out of my personal pocket last school year. Any donations no matter how small are appreciated for my Kindergarten classroom as well as all other teachers too.


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