Sustainability Street: Link Logistics’ Power Play

Sam Stockdale is head of Sustainability for Link Logistics.

Industrial real estate will be the hardest to decarbonize, experts say, since tenants pay their utility bills directly. Link Logistics is determined to change that.

Welcome back to Sustainability Street, CPE’s podcast on the intersection of commercial real estate and the world we live in. For this episode, I interviewed Sam Stockdale, head of Sustainability for Link Logistics, on the company’s carbon reduction goals and its strategy for resolving industrial real estate’s split incentive.

Solar installation at 283 Prospect Plains Road in Monroe Township, N.J. Photo courtesy of Link Logistics

Here’s a sample of the topics covered:

  • On a mission from Blackstone (1:40)
  • Industrial’s principal-agent problem (4:55)
  • Preparing for increasing energy demands (7:49)
  • Next-level building utility data (10:09)
  • Course-correcting industrial’s operating model (12:07)
  • Solving the fleet equation (17:03)

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