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The Sourcing portion of Informa’s MAGIC Las Vegas features manufacturers from throughout the world.
Photo by Diane Taylor

One of the reasons I like going to Las Vegas conventions is to learn things. The Sourcing portion of last week’s MAGIC Las Vegas trade show was no exception. Somehow I always thought (though I didn’t think too much about it) that if a purse had a certain label, that the purse’s manufacturer made the whole purse.

Now I know differently. I met some of the folks who supply the purse manufacturer.

MAGIC (the letters historically were an acronym for the Men’s Apparel Guild in California). The MAGIC trade show was inaugurated in 1933. The show now comes to Las Vegas twice a year and is a three-part show: one part apparel (men’s and women’s), one part contemporary. (men’s and women’s) and one part manufacturing/distributor called “Sourcing”. There is also a MAGIC show hosted in New York City in September and a new version in Nashville in 2024.

I attended the Sourcing part of MAGIC last week and learned a great deal in just a two-hour visit. My video is attached, and I urge viewers to stay tuned to near the end for the “one thread” embroidering system. Enjoy!

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