Siegfried & Roy House

Siegfried & Roy House

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Siegfried & Roy’s former home is shown Friday, March 10, 2023.

The real estate market in Las Vegas has gotten a bit wilder with the mansion of internationally known late magicians Siegfried & Roy up for sale, touting homeowner essentials like central air conditioning … and tiger cages. 

It entered the Las Vegas housing market five days ago at $3 million and already has a pending offer, according to the property’s Zillow listing

Built in 1954, the “Jungle Palace” includes four parcels on the 8,750 square-foot lot, including the main house with two bedrooms and four bathrooms. Three additional guest houses, three pools, a casita and cabana occupy the remaining parcels. 

It’s also decorated with six wrought-iron gates branded “S” & “R,” custom stained glass, ornate chandeliers, water features across the property, animal enclosures and a bird sanctuary containing enough greenery to rival The Mirage’s. 

Located at 1639 Valley Drive in Las Vegas, the Moroccan-themed residence was home to German-born duo Siegfried Fischbacher and Uwe Ludwig Horn — known in the industry as Roy — who lived in separate homes on the estate. 

They referred to it as “Little Bavaria,” an homage to their home country. 

Fischbacher and Horn moved to Las Vegas in the late 1960s with cheetah Chico and began performing magic tricks at the Tropicana, according to The Atlantic. 

They bounced around local casinos like the Stardust and Frontier but remained in their compound and continued to build their collection of interesting artifacts – including a possible fragment of the Berlin Wall – and luxury goods, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

It would be over 15 years before the duo – in partnership with Steve Wynn – would create The Mirage, a lush resort and playground for the magicians that housed many of the big cats that they worked with during shows. 

In May 2020, Horn died at 75 from complications he developed after a bout with COVID-19. He lived on the compound until his death. Fischbacher followed eight months later, dying in Jan. 2021 of pancreatic cancer at 81.

The “Jungle Palace” was put up for auction along with the entertainers’ personal collections last June at the Bonhams in Los Angeles, Bonhams said in a statement. 

Over 450 items between Fischbacher and Horn were auctioned off in a two-day sale that raised $1,446,327 for the Sarmoti Foundation, their personal charity dedicated to protecting endangered species. 

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