home in hingham ma which is next to weymouth

With its charming neighborhoods, proximity to Boston, and picturesque coastal views, Weymouth offers an ideal balance between suburban tranquility and urban convenience. If you’re considering living in Weymouth, you may also be deciding whether to rent versus buy a home in the area. Even with the current housing market conditions, there are pros and cons to both renting or buying a home in Weymouth, potentially making it that much harder to decide.

If this sounds like you, here are a few points to consider. As of July, the current median sale price for a home is $575,000 if you’re thinking about buying a home in Weymouth. Or if you’re looking at apartments for rent in Weymouth, the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,825. With today’s mortgage rates and what you can afford, it may be less expensive to rent rather than buying a home in the Weymouth area. However, there are many reasons that buying a home right now may still be a better option.

Ultimately, the decision depends on several factors like flexibility in where you live and your long-term financial goals. We’ll help you along the way so you can decide whether to rent vs buy in Weymouth – and make the best choice for your goals.

home in hingham ma which is next to weymouth

Advantages of buying a home in Weymouth

Proximity to Boston

A major advantage to buying in Weymouth is the city’s close proximity to Boston. While prices are higher farther away from Boston, appreciation can be higher in Boston suburbs like Weymouth. These locations can be more desirable for those commuting into Boston for work.

Even with a rise in working from home, the suburbs closest to Boston remain the most desirable in terms of location. There are commuter rail stations, easy access to the highway, and Redline stations which all help create reasonable commutes into the city. If you decide to keep your home as a rental property in the future, you may be able to generate more income as rent prices are also higher in areas like Weymouth compared to cities farther away. 

Economic benefits

The overall strength of the Massachusetts economy is a major advantage to buying in Weymouth. Prices haven’t dropped as much from their peaks in the Boston area, compared to elsewhere in the country. The income is also typically higher, compared to the national average. As a result, the economy is one of the major reasons to consider living in Weymouth. There are plenty of other reasons that keep the area as an attractive place to live like great schools, hospitals, and more.

Disadvantages of buying a home in Weymouth

Competition and multiple offers

There’s high competition throughout the market, with multiple offer situations being the norm. Since Weymouth is close to Boston, it tends to bring higher competition than farther in the suburbs. Oftentimes concessions like a waived inspection and other competitive terms that are less favorable to a buyer are needed to win, which some people may not be comfortable with. 

Higher prices compared to nearby towns

Weymouth has high prices relative to the towns that are just 20 minutes farther south. Properties are at a premium cost overall and per square footage, where if you’re willing or able to live farther away from Boston, prices for a similar house can be substantially less.

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Determining if you are ready to buy a house in Weymouth

There are several factors to consider if you’re deciding whether to rent vs buy in Weymouth this year. Here are five points to look at:

1. High competition: There is limited inventory and if a buyer has specific requirements for a property, oftentimes there may only be few or no properties for sale at a certain time that fit their criteria. 

2. Personal goals: Before deciding whether to rent vs buy in Weymouth you’ll want to evaluate your priorities and long-term goals. Are you looking for a move-in ready property or a fixer-upper? Do you want a home with a large backyard or a home with lots of extra rooms? Determining what aligns with your goals can help you figure out if now is the right time to buy a home in Weymouth.

3. Financial stability: Prior to beginning your homebuying journey, it’s important to understand your financial situation – particularly your credit score and if you have a stable income. It’s important to have additional funds set aside for your down payment, closing costs, home inspection fees, and other expenses that are part of the homebuying process. It’s also good to keep an emergency fund in case you have any unexpected costs during or after buying a home.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to buy, consider speaking with your real estate or financial advisor to understand all your options.

Is it competitive to buy a home in Weymouth?

Overall, competition has been high with the major factor being lack of inventory in the market. Turnkey properties and the most appealing properties in the best locations that are accurately priced are still receiving high competition with multiple offers. In addition, 10+ offer situations remain common. 

It’s also typical to see offer deadlines for these types of homes, specifically after the first weekend on market. Properties that have outdated features tend to receive less interest, but depending on each buyer’s goals, can be a great opportunity to secure a property with little to no competition and favorable terms. 

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Advantages of renting a home in Weymouth

Minimal upfront costs 

With renting, there are minimal upfront costs, aside from a security deposit and application fees. There’s no down payment required, which can be a large amount depending on the cost of the house. However, you can also look into first time homebuyer programs in Massachusetts, such as FHA loans if you’re considering buying a home. These programs can be a great tool if making a large down payment isn’t possible. 


If you’re unsure of how long you plan to stay in a certain area or you don’t know if it’s a long term fit, renting can be beneficial to “test” certain locations to see how they fit into your life.

Disadvantages of renting a home in Weymouth

Inability to build equity

Even though the equity gain from paying down the mortgage is limited early on as a homeowner, the majority of your gains come from price appreciation over the long run. If you’re staying in a property or area for 3-5 years or longer, the chances for price appreciation and building equity are very high based on historical appreciation trends. 

Additionally, you can consider paying slightly more towards your mortgage each year if this is a feasible financial option. Even one extra payment a year can shave approximately seven years off the life of the mortgage and can save you tens or hundreds of thousands in interest costs. One extra payment is typically a reasonable and doable goal, which can make a drastic difference in the long run.

High rent prices

Overall the cost savings to renting versus buying are very limited, especially when considering equity gains. Especially those needing a good amount of space, think 1,000 square feet or more, the cost to rent a home is often substantially more than a mortgage payment.

Renting vs buying in Weymouth: A real estate agent’s final thoughts

It’s still a good time to buy as prices have stabilized. Keep in mind they’re creeping upwards, albeit at a slower pace than in recent years. Working in the market every day with numerous buyers and seeing the demand still present gives the expectation that if interest rates fall below 6%, prices are likely to climb higher along with the competition for homes. 

As a result, buying sooner rather than later in Weymouth can allow you to take advantage of the equity gain in the future. Over the long run, you’ll likely gain equity given the long-term trends of price appreciation and the Boston area’s stable economy.

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