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In November 2021, the Board of Directors adopted recommendations of the Govern Forward PAG, including the addition of Regional Elections for NAR Directors in each Region to elect (from all qualified candidates in their Region) one candidate from that Region to put forward to the NAR Board of Directors’ election for the position of Regional Vice President (RVP).

The Credentials and Campaign Rules Committee (CCRC) was charged with devising an electronic election process to facilitate the Regional Elections. In May 2022, the CCRC determined that the Regional Elections will open on the first Monday of October, in the year preceding the NAR Board of Directors meeting where the election of NAR Officers will take place, and remain open for two weeks.

Voting will open on Monday, October 3, 2022 at 12:00 am Eastern time and continue through Monday, October 17, 2022 at 11:59 pm Pacific time. 

Current NAR Directors will vote for the RVP Eligible Candidate in their Region only.

Beginning on September 26, 2022, NAR Directors will receive a series of emails to prepare them for the Regional Election, provide them with resources, and remind them to vote using the online platform. 

On October 3, 2022 NAR Directors will receive an email with the link to vote for their Regional Vice President candidate. 

Follow up emails will remind NAR Directors to cast their vote by October 17, 2022. 

This is the first year for Regional Elections. Each Region has its own process to identify a Potential Candidate for its Regional Vice President, and many Regions had already selected its candidate before the Regional Election process was adopted. 

In the future, we anticipate that other interested REALTORS® may apply for RVP, regardless of their Region’s process, or a Region could choose to modify its selection process. If multiple Potential Candidates are deemed eligible to campaign by the Credentials and Campaign Rules Committee, then a Region will have a contested race.

No. The election rules clearly state that the Regional Election elects one candidate from all qualified candidates in their Region. A qualified candidate is an Eligible Candidate who has been vetted through the application process set forth in the Campaign and Election Rules Manual, including a criminal background check, a social media audit and a financial review. Only Eligible Candidates may campaign for and seek NAR Elected Office.

NAR Directors in each Region will vote for their RVP candidate online on the Lumi voting platform. This is the same platform that was used at the May 2022 NAR Board of Directors meeting. Each Regional Election will have a separate voting site, so directors will only vote in their Region.

The Eligible Candidate receiving the majority of the votes cast will be deemed the winner of the Regional Election and will be placed on the slate at the next NAR Board of Directors’ election.

No. NAR’s Constitution provides that the Board of Directors elects the NAR Officers. The Regional Election determines each Region’s candidate for RVP. The NAR Board will officially elect the RVPs at the board meeting in May 2023. 

On Wednesday, October 19, NAR will publish the results of the 13 Regional Elections on the Hub. The prevailing Eligible Candidate in each Region will be placed on the ballot for election by the full NAR Board of Directors at the May 2023 Board of Directors meeting.

Questions about the Regional Election process may be directed to Credentials and Campaign Rules Committee Staff Executive Deanne Rymarowicz.

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