Raiders RB Josh Jacobs changing numbers from 28 to 8

After four seasons wearing the number 28 as an NFL running back, Josh Jacobs is turning it in to return to the No. 8 he wore in college.

When Josh Jacobs entered the NFL in 2019, running backs weren’t allowed to wear single digit number. So, donning his college No. 8 was not an option.

Two years ago the NFL changed their rules on which players could wear single digits, opening it up to other positions, including running back. Now entering his fifth NFL season, Jacobs is making the switch back to the No. 8 he wore in college.

Jacobs was slapped with the franchise tag this offseason because the team decided after his third season they would not pick up his fifth-year option. Then he went out and led the league in rushing.

The 25-year-old has yet to sign the franchise tag while he hopes to sign a long term deal instead. Will getting his old number change anything on that front? We shall see.

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