Nate Hobbs missed first day of Raiders training camp after taking softball off his head

The top cornerback for the Las Vegas Raiders has been absent at practice over the last few days. According to head coach Josh McDaniels, Nate Hobbs was hit in the head by a softball during a charity event and that is the reason for his absence.

The good news is that McDaniels said that Hobbs is “doing fine” and the expectation is that he should be on the field rather soon. In fact, even his teammates are starting to make fun of him for the play, signaling that the injury was nothing too serious.

The expectation is that Hobbs will be one of the starting outside cornerbacks this year along with Marcus Peters. But when the Raiders go into their nickel defense, Hobbs could slide inside to play the slot.

The biggest question remaining is who will take the other outside cornerback job when Hobbs is in the slot. The hope is that fourth-round pick Jakorian Bennett can win that job, but the Raiders do have a few other veteran options they can deploy there if needed.

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