RINO Joe Lombardo

RINO Joe Lombardo

The supposed checks and balances in Nevada politics appear to be an illusion, with Republican governor Joe Lombardo granting carte blanche to Democrats to allegedly pocket massive amounts of taxpayer dollars. Today, Joe Lombardo’s political pact got Fox News to run an article exposing major fraud by the Nevada Democrats; what they both forgot to mention was the FACT that Lombardo not only allowed it to happen but also signed the bill that helped Democrats enrich themselves.

In the midst of backroom deals to get his precious Las Vegas A’s stadium built, Assembly Bill 525 was ushered through both chambers of the Democrat-controlled Nevada legislature, paving the way for huge sums of money to be funneled into private and non-profit organizations — some of which had direct ties to the democrat voting legislators. According to the Fox News article, democrat legislators concealed their associations with the beneficiary organizations, while others brazenly voted in favor despite the glaring conflict of interest.

The corruption started being exposed when Democrat Assemblywoman Michelle Gorelow landed a position at the non-profit Arc of Nevada just weeks after endorsing the bill, a move that granted the organization $250,000 from taxpayers. Despite defending her new role and the bill by playing the children’s welfare card, Gorelow’s actions evoked criticism and allegations of illegal conduct, forcing her to bow out from re-election following an ethics complaint lodged by Republican operative Chuck Muth.

Of course, Muth has refused to acknowledge the connection between Lombardo and these lawmakers because the Republican sycophant makes his money pushing RINOS into power and helping to cover for the Governor’s shady activities. But these RINOS can’t have it both ways; either the Governor was in on it, or he is willfully ignorant and looked the other way so his backroom deals for the A’s stadium didn’t implode.

The wave of accusations doesn’t stop there.

Assemblywoman Tracy Brown-May, another fervent supporter of AB 525 who also has connections with Arc of Nevada, faces scrutiny for potential ethical violations. Shockingly, despite known affiliations with the benefitting organization, she side-stepped mandatory financial disclosure, citing her volunteer status on the board as the reason she did not disclose her relationship.

“Before voting on AB525, we received an opinion from the LCB legal division, a non-partisan branch of the legislature, that each elected official was allowed to vote on AB525. I did not advocate on behalf of my employer or the organizations I volunteer with for them to be included in this bill,” she told Fox.

“This legislation will do a lot of good in our communities and that is why it received bi-partisan support in the Nevada Assembly and was signed into law by the Republican Governor of Nevada,” she added, noting its signing into law by Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo.

But that’s not all folks…

Democrat Assembly members like Cameron “C.H.” Miller and Venicia Considine, despite their connections to organizations that pocketed taxpayer money, remained unapologetic, hiding behind the supposed clearance from the Legislative Counsel Bureau to vote on the bill.

  • Cameron “C.H.” Miller neglected to file a financial disclosure highlighting his position as the president and CEO of the Urban Chamber of Commerce, which was granted $100,000 from public coffers.
  • Assemblywoman Venicia Considine saw her employer, Legal Aid of Southern Nevada, benefit substantially, receiving $4.25 million through the legislation and additional funds from another spending bill she endorsed, which had its origins in the state Senate.

And Then There’s Our Incompetent Governor…

Joe Lombardo, who was sold to us as a conservative Republican who would stop the corruption we saw under former Governor Steve Sisolak’s administration, chose to abandon conservative principles and sign yet another bill marred with conflicts of interest. Again, we have two choices here: either the Governor chose to look the other way and allow millions of taxpayer dollars to line the pockets of Democrat Assembly members and their associates, or he is woefully incompetent for the job.

Had this been his first misstep, we may have just gone with him being incompetent. But let’s look at the growing list of how he has teamed up with democrats to steal taxpayer money and even worse, help push destructive left-wing policies that target children:

So yet again, Governor Lombardo’s administration has betrayed taxpayers, seemingly helping democrats siphon off vast sums of taxpayer money.

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