Nevada Democrat Susie Lee

Nevada Democrat Susie Lee

In a desperate and blatant bid to shield themselves from blame, Nevada’s Democratic Congressional leaders are rallying to rewrite why the Las Vegas tradeshow industry has collapsed. The industry, once a powerhouse, generating $29 billion annually and sustaining 230,000 jobs, has been steadily collapsing since the Democrat COVID shutdowns in 2020, and the Democrats are pointing fingers everywhere but at themselves.

Their chosen scapegoat? An alleged surge in business impersonation fraud, a problem that, while nonexistent, pales compared to the destruction brought by their COVID shutdown and draconian mandate policies.

A Smoke Screen of Fraud Allegations

Congresswoman Susie Lee, alongside Senators Catherine Cortez Masto and Jacky Rosen, is leading this diversion tactic. In an attempt to deceive voters, they “wrote a letter” to the Federal Trade Commission, urging action against what they claim is the core issue: business impersonation fraud.

“Too many businesses in Nevada and other states across the country have felt the economic and reputational damage impersonation fraud can cause,” the members wrote. “The proliferation of impersonation fraud has proven especially damaging to the face-to-face business events industry, as impersonators have more and more regularly sought financial gain by advertising for fake exhibitions, tradeshows, and other business events. This targeted fraud threatens to put a damper on an industry that has long been a driving force for economic growth—for event organizers, host venues, and surrounding communities.”

Of course, this is nothing but a clear attempt to shift the focus away from their disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw unprecedented and unnecessary shutdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates that strangled the very life out of a thriving industry.

And let’s not forget while the COVID mandates killed Las Vegas, Nevada, Democrats Ignored their own mandates, made hundreds of millions of dollars on the scam, and partied it up while laughing in our faces!

Clear Health Pass at Las Vegas Conventions

While Nevadans suffered under the COVID restrictions, the elite lived by a different set of rules altogether. Representative Susie Lee, a woman of substantial wealth with assets amounting to $35,712,000, including 17 homes and private jets, was caught again and again flouting the very rules she championed. The brazen hypocrisy displayed by her and other Nevada Democrats goes beyond mere rule-breaking; it enters the realm of a deliberate collapse of our economy.

Following the enactment of the CARES Act, Full House Resorts — a company owned by Lee’s ex-husband — shamelessly acquired $5.6 million through two PPP loans, a clear misuse of funds meant to aid struggling businesses during the pandemic. The couple, who retain substantial shares in the company, saw their stock prices skyrocket, profiting immensely while other business owners faced ruin.

Susie Lee’s disregard for the average Nevadan doesn’t stop at economic exploitation; she has also shown a willingness to trample on constitutional rights with alarming ease. In June 2023, Lee aligned herself with the notorious neo-con, Dan Crenshaw, to introduce the “Disease X Act,” a legislative move set to undermine constitutional liberties further under the pretext of an imminent pandemic threat. The act seeks to pave the way for more shutdowns and vaccine mandates, showing a complete disregard for individual freedoms and the livelihoods of business owners who are still grappling with the repercussions of past mandates and restrictions.

Lee, alongside fellow Democrats, demonstrated a shocking level of hypocrisy when they violated state mask mandates, as noted in the detailed account in “Rules for Thee: Nevada Democrats Susie Lee & Jacky Rosen Violate State Mask Mandate at 9/11 Party.” It becomes painfully apparent that while Susie Lee and Nevada Democrats advocated for rules that have ravaged our local economy and tradeshows, they considered themselves and her affluent circles exempt from them.

Ignoring the Real Culprit: THEMSELVES!

Jacky Rosen Susie Lee No Mask Party

The Democrats are consciously ignoring the heart of the matter. The real perpetrators of the tradeshow industry’s decline are not fraudsters but the Democrats themselves, who imposed draconian business-killing mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and orchestrated economy-destroying shutdowns.

Their relentless campaign didn’t stop at that; they targeted every convention that dared to resist their draconian measures between 2020 and 2021, even harassing attendees of events such as the National Finals Rodeo. And let’s not forget, our current RINO governor helped them and sent out Police Saturation Patrols to harass Rodeo attendees who didn’t follow the mask mandates!

Undoubtedly, these policies played a significant role in why many trade shows are still reluctant to return to Las Vegas, fearing the overreach and unpredictable regulations that have become the hallmark of Democratic leadership.

The Overlooked Crisis of Crime and Violence

One cannot discuss the decline of the tradeshow industry without addressing the surge in violence, assaults, and murders that have plagued Las Vegas. The once vibrant and welcoming city now looks like a third-world nation with unchecked violence and homeless drug addicts attacking and harassing innocent tourists and convention attendees. This significant safety concern has led many businesses to rethink hosting events in the city, a rational choice in the face of such widespread lawlessness.

Would you send your employees to a city like this:

And that’s just a small fraction of what is happening on a daily basis here in Las Vegas!

As the tradeshow industry continues to suffer, it becomes increasingly clear that the Democrats are more interested in saving face than in truly addressing the root causes of the industry’s downfall. The people of Nevada deserve better, and need leaders who work tirelessly to rejuvenate a sector of our economy so vital to the state’s continued success.

The Democrat’s attempt to divert blame to business impersonation fraud is not just intellectually dishonest; it is a slap in the face to every Nevadan who has witnessed the havoc unleashed by their COVID policies firsthand.

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