MGM Resorts Aria Slots Down

MGM Resorts Aria Slots Down

In the days following a debilitating cyber attack, MGM Resorts has been keen to present a façade of business as usual to guests and patrons. However, according to firsthand guest accounts, the Las Vegas hotel and casino empire is far from restoring normal operations, painting a picture that contradicts the glossy PR narrative disseminated through the lying, paid-off local media outlets.

How Deep Does the Cyber Attack Damage Go?

Our sources have reported ongoing disruptions in several MGM Resorts establishments, including Aria, the Bellagio, Luxor, MGM Grand, and Mandalay Bay. The issues range from dysfunctional slot machines to ATMs and ticket in/out systems being offline, causing significant inconvenience to guests.

We witnessed people being hand-paid because the ticket systems had ceased functioning, and hundreds of slot machines were out of service across various MGM Resorts properties. A visit to both the Aria and Park MGM highlighted the severity of the problem, with a huge number of slots closed, significant delays in cashouts for all amounts, and a complete halt to free play or food comps.

While MGM is desperate to pretend they are up and running, as of this morning they still cannot print or even provide receipts digitally for hotel stays.

MGM Resorts banning people who tell the truth on Social Media

In a childish move, MGM Resorts has allegedly resorted to banning people who refuse to align with the “back to normal” narrative from viewing their content on social media platforms. This isn’t too shocking since they banned us for unfavorable reporting long ago!

This raises some serious questions about the extent to which MGM Resorts International will go to maintain a facade of normality, at the expense of truth and transparency. Visitors and guests deserve an accurate account of the situation to make informed decisions regarding their plans, and suppressing unflattering reports is just making people trust this company even less.

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