Vegas Cyber guy

Vegas Cyber guy

In the wake of the massive cyber attack on MGM Resorts International, guests are being urged to check their financial statements as reports of unauthorized charges emerge. Insiders report a surge in complaints regarding random, small-scale charges appearing on the credit and debit statements of individuals who have stayed at MGM properties, some showing up this week on back statements from people who stayed at MGM properties as far back as three months ago.

Alarmingly, the internal sources revealed that hundreds of guests had reported these fraudulent charges, fueling suspicions that the hacking group might have gained access to sensitive financial and payment details stored in MGM’s systems. The situation has bred a rising tide of panic among those who have recently used MGM Resorts services or the BetMGM app in recent months. Anyone using these services should verify their bank and card statements for unauthorized transactions.

This development comes hot on the heels of revelations from insiders at Caesars Entertainment, who disclosed that Caesars Entertainment paid millions to a hacking group back in August, to avert a similar cyber onslaught. The hacking group is known for its proficient social engineering skills, leveraging them to infiltrate large corporate networks. In Caesars’ case, the entry point was an external IT vendor, marking the start of the sinister operation on August 27, before delving deeper into the company’s network.

MGM is currently grappling with widespread system shutdowns, with a substantial impact being felt on its operational systems,  including disruptions in hotel room locks, slot machines, room service, and guest check-ins. While the full extent of the damages remains unknown, the main website for MGM Resorts is still down, and we are told that the disruption in services is still active across Nevada and seven other states.

As MGM and Caesars Entertainment remains tight-lipped about the hack, both refusing to explicitly confirm the extent of the breach, hacker boards say the initial breach may have come from social engineering an outside vendor.

As these developments unfold, guests who stayed at MGM properties should closely monitor their financial statements to stop any further repercussions from this cyber attack.

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Mike McNamara

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