Drawing of possible baseball stadium in Las Vegas. (Oakland Athletics)

Regarding the recent letter writer who wrote that, when the Oakland As move to Las Vegas, he’d go to a game with the “other three people” at the park:

Allegiant Stadium seats 65,000 for Raider games, and although ticket prices are the highest in the NFL, average attendance is more than 62,000. It seems the Raiders don’t have much of a home-field advantage when there are almost as many opposing fans in the crowd as those cheering on the home team.

The Golden Knights have sold out almost every home game since their inception. NASCAR added a second race because of its success in Las Vegas. The AAA Las Vegas Aviators rank ninth in attendance out of 120 teams. The Las Vegas Aces recently sold out the finals at Michelob Ultra Arena.

The proposed stadium in Las Vegas for the A’s will seat 30,000, small in comparison.

Question: If not a single local fan showed up to cheer on the A’s in Vegas, what do you think the attendance numbers would be for a Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers or Cubs game? It will be more than what the Tampa Bay Rays drew to a home playoff game recently, 18,000. Wanna bet?

The Oakland A’s have been one of the most successful small-market teams in the history of the game. So that’s what I say.

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