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My friend was prevented from entering a business because of a “so-called” peaceful protest. This delayed my friend from getting needed medication in a timely manner, which could be detrimental to her health.

So-called peaceful protesters claim they are being singled out by police and others yet they have no harmful intentions and are behaving in a peaceful manner. I beg to differ.

They are attempting to hold others prisoner to force their agenda down the throats of people who are just trying to go about their daily business in a timely manner. There “weapon” is an agenda. Their method of delivery is subjecting others to their views by forced imprisonment.

They are not behaving peacefully when they are preventing others from conducting business. There is no need to have so-called peaceful protests in this manner. They can do it in an area where others are not impacted. Display the signs all they want, but do not block others. Hand out flyers, but don’t block the person. If the recipient of the flyer wishes to engage in conversation, that is their choice.

These protesters also do not consider the fact that because they are preventing others from going about their business, their desired outcome could have the opposite effect of what they want. People are going to yell at them, there could be fights, the police are going to be called and some of them are going to be locked up.

I, too, have views I wish others had. But I would never consider holding someone hostage to force my views on them. These protesters really should engage their brains before taking any actions.

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Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara

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