A cat named Pepe at a pop-up cat cafe at Hearts Alive Village in Las Vegas on Saturday, Feb. 10 ...

I read “Animal Foundation says call center would be a ‘game changer’” by Ricardo Torres-Cortez with a growing sense of sorrow and anger. The story noted that, “The commissioners have said they’re open to fund the independent rescue operations, but that they can’t let the Animal Foundation fail.”

Imagine a world in which human strays are treated as well as non-human strays. A call center to help those facing extreme poverty personally or in their community, multiple health care providers to treat our suffering. I hope the homeless industrial complex submits identical proposals to our leaders. I have tried to volunteer on one of their boards and was met with skepticism. Why should a homeless person or survivor serve on a board that treats the very poor or on the City Council or County Commission?

We live in a sick society that values non-human needs more than human needs. Anthropomorphism is applied only to animals not poor humans.

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Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara

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