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I couldn’t agree more with Victor Joecks’ Wednesday column on Donald Trump. He writes that, “The irony is that the deep state desperately wants Trump to be the Republican nominee.” Of course they do: He is the only candidate Joe Biden can defeat. They correctly see that their unending attacks will only boost Trump’s popularity with his base.

This country cannot survive another Biden administration … or, worse, a Harris administration. He has done irreparable damage to our country, both internally and on the world stage. Mr. Trump was an excellent president who had this country on the right track. However, he burned his bridges when he left office. He cannot win in 2024. He won’t get votes from independents or disaffected Democrats, of which I am sure there are many.

The Republicans have a pool of excellent candidates who can defeat Mr. Biden. Trump supporters must be realistic. We must field a candidate who can win.

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Mike McNamara

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