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Jaywalking is a serious problem in the Las Vegas area, as has often been reported in the media. Nowhere is this more apparent than along the 18-mile stretch of Boulder Highway, which runs from Henderson to Las Vegas. It seems that an inordinate number of pedestrians jaywalk across this busy roadway.

People jaywalk for various reasons, of course. But the primary reason is most likely convenience — to save a little time and effort by avoiding crosswalks. This trend is not for lack of crosswalks. With relatively few exceptions, crosswalks grace every intersection of our city streets. When crossing safely at a designated crosswalk, it is less likely for a pedestrian to be hit by a motor vehicle. Sadly, when a fast-moving vehicle does strike a pedestrian, the pedestrian loses. Many pay with their lives.

Because of this deadly trend, Boulder Highway is earning the nickname of Boulder Die-Way. Drivers must be more alert and watch for jaywalkers. And pedestrians: Use the crosswalks instead of jaywalking. It may one day save your life.

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Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara

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