Walmart selling this in Las Vegas

Walmart selling this in Las Vegas

In the never-ending attack on kids, today we learned that Walmart stores throughout Las Vegas are now selling sex toys, including vibrators, buttplugs, and male ejaculation toys in full view of children. In fact, they placed them right next to acne facial products, products which are primarily marketed to and bought by teenagers.

Walmart selling this in Las Vegas

Imagine going to Walmart and having to explain this to your kids!

The sale of these products and the obscene messages on the products violate several Clark County ordinances, but the county refuses to do anything to stop Walmart from selling these products in full view of children. Some of the products specifically advertise on the box, that they are for vaginal play. There is also an anal buttplug that is marketed as having “vibrations you will want to get behind.”

Clark County Commission Has Long History of Supporting the Sexualization of Nevada Children!

I guess we really shouldn’t really be shocked that Clark County officials are refusing to take action, in fact they seem to be in on the campaign to psychologically damage the next generation and target them with sexual content and experiences at every turn. This morning, Clark County commissioners held an event at the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” where they honored the LGBTQ Center of Southern Nevada, a group that we recently exposed for targeting children with sexual content and sexualized acts.

It seems there is an effort to ram “PRIDE” propaganda down the throats of everyone in Nevada, unfortunately it is coming at the expense of our children.

Over the last two month we have exposed a massive campaign to expose children to sexualized experiences in the name of PRIDE.

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