Windows at Caesars Palace

Windows at Caesars Palace

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) responded to a reported domestic disturbance at Caesars Palace Tuesday morning. When they attempted to enter the room, an armed man barricaded himself inside and started busting out windows, in a scene reminiscent of the October 1 Shootings in Las Vegas.

SWAT teams and Crisis Negotiators are now on the scene and we are told numerous areas around Caesars are being evacuated, including the pool area.

A Guest at Caesars tweeted out a picture showing broken glass and furniture from the room that had been tossed out the windows.

Caesars Palace statement:

We are aware of the security incident at Caesars Palace. Our team is cooperating fully with law enforcement officers on scene who are handling the investigation. We refer you to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for more information. 

Strip Chaos: Las Vegas Has Turned into a Warzone!

This is just the latest in a long string of violent incidents that have plagued our city since the COVID shutdowns. In fact, this week alone we’ve had multiple incidents on the strip including a bizarre set of attacks where a naked drugged up man managed to make his way through 3 Las Vegas Strip casinos fully nude, after attacking a homeless amputee — Seriously you can’t make this stuff up!

Around the same time at the Wynn Encore, several fights broke out inside the casino.

Mass violence has taken over many areas of Las Vegas, including nightly attacks on Fremont Streetroad takeovers and shootings, and homeless addicts taking over large portions of the Las Vegas Strip.

The New Las Vegas: What the local media will not show you!

Sadly our city went from being the number one convention and business city in the world to catering to criminals and violent thugs. Here is just a small amount of the chaos we have covered over the last couple of months.

Unfortunately, as our city is dying around us, our WOKE Sheriff Kevin McMahill makes excuses for these violent thugs, telling local reporters earlier in the month that “They have no job. They have no opportunity. They have no really home life, oftentimes and so we have to continue our effort there and try to make a difference.” A month earlier the same sheriff praised the criminal George Floyd and told his officers not to use mean language to describe troubled neighborhoods.

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