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Las Vegas Review Journal

In an alarming development that casts a long shadow over the integrity of journalism, according to our sources at the media organization, the Las Vegas Review Journal is deliberately undermining independent reporting on social media platforms.

According to an internal source who reached out to us, the Las Vegas Review Journal management has instructed its reporters and employees to flag our stories on social media, leading to some of our articles being pulled from Facebook. The source claims this concerted effort aims to discredit our work and suppress the truth. Our source says that management told them to do whatever they can to take our articles down.

And sure enough, shortly after the internal source contacted us, many of our articles and stories started being removed from Facebook, including our original reporting exposing the Las Vegas Review Journal for making up stories and covering up evidence.

Background of the Conflict

This new revelation follows our recent expose on how the Las Vegas Review Journal mischaracterized an incident in Northwest Las Vegas, in which a man was targeted and killed while biking. While they initially labeled the tragedy as a “bike accident,” we reported that the incident was in fact an intentional act of violence.

In response, the publication reportedly held internal meetings to strategize on how to counter our reporting. Subsequently, the Review Journal’s staff took to social media to brand our stories as part of a campaign orchestrated by “racist internet trolls,” despite us simply reporting verified facts. They then teamed up with the so-called Nevada Press Association, to start a campaign bizarrely claiming this was some sort of anti-Semitic attack on the paper and a reporter who wrote the original story.

Erosion of Ethical Journalism

What’s more alarming is that the Las Vegas Review Journal allegedly goes to great lengths to conceal their misreporting. Our source informs us that they have not only rewritten the original article but also created a new headline and URL, and redirected the old article — all in a calculated attempt to rewrite history and absolve themselves of any accountability.

At its core, journalism should be a force for truth and accountability. However, the actions of the Las Vegas Review Journal, as alleged by our whistleblower, paint a very different picture. They suggest a media landscape where powerful outlets can manipulate narratives and suppress independent voices to protect their interests, putting the very tenets of a truth and journalism at risk.

It’s crucial, now more than ever, for readers to critically evaluate their information sources and support transparent, independent reporting. We promise to continue our pursuit of the truth, no matter the hurdles put in our way by the liars and scumbags in the mainstream legacy media.

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