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Las Vegas had never seen the like before. Crews took over nearly 20 blocks of Downtown Las Vegas, constructing two giant and two smaller stages on empty lots. Artists from around the world painted multistory murals on previously unadorned city walls. Food trucks and merch stands took over parking spots; sun-bleached concrete slab foundations were covered in fresh sod; an old, disused motel was converted to an art space.

And then, on October 26, 2013, those 20 blocks became one of the most unique festival spaces ever. Stadium-sized headliners like The Killers, Kings of Leon and Beck performed on the big stages, and ascending talents such as Haim, Cults and Janelle Monáe played the smaller stages. Craft stands, interactive art installations and even Cirque du Soleil performers waited around every corner. On that October weekend, Life Is Beautiful became part of the Vegas experience.

Over the years, the festival has made adjustments to keep up with changing tastes, most notably amping up its EDM offerings. It endured the 2020 COVID shutdown and the loss of its original benefactor, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Fittingly, the fest’s 10th anniversary feels like a celebration of a long journey, with a lineup that includes returning favorites such as Kendrick Lamar and The Killers. The festival grounds, now covered in 10 years’ worth of world-class mural art and as warmly familiar as an old friend, are waiting. Get ready for three Beautiful days.

Photo of Las Vegas Weekly Staff

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Mike McNamara

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