Visit the scariest and largest haunts in Las Vegas!

Explore two bone-chilling haunted attractions for an unforgettable thrill in Sin City.

Opening night tickets start at $25.

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Dive into the horrors found at the Las Vegas Haunts.

This year, the Asylum was wholly rebuilt from the ground up! The Asylum and Hotel Fear are as they share an interlinked storyline. It is basically one significant story shared between the two Haunted Houses, which has been updated to reflect the Asylum rebuild.

These haunts are consistently rated nationally as the scariest haunts in Vegas! Forbes Magazine, USA Today, and Buzz Feed just listed them as one of the top 25 Haunts in the nation! The ONLY Vegas haunt to make the list! See why all Las Vegas Haunted Houses are compared to the ASYLUM!

The independent trilogy films RUST, RUST2, and RUST3 were shot in the Hotel and Asylum. Instead of trying to recreate someone else’s scenes, you can walk the ACTUAL sets used in the movies! HOTEL FEAR will feature characters from RUST so you can experience the film…then watch the movie!!

Themes of the Haunted Houses:

Hotel Fear

The Feoray family emigrated from Europe, where they owned and operated an inn. When Jonathon Feoray came to the States as a young man, he brought with him the knowledge and experience of the family business. He worked at several hotels and inns as he traveled across the country…little did he know his travels would end in his peril. The Feorays were looking for somewhere to settle down and raise a family. The Meadview Asylum was on the outskirts of town, and Jonathon noticed that people coming to visit or drop off patients needed somewhere to stay. A Hotel is what this town needed, and he was the man to provide it!

Adrian made astounding advancements with Mortimer to the point that the Dr. announced that Mortimer was officially cured! He returned to the Hotel to resume his everyday life. But Mortimer suffered some mental relapse and killed everyone in the Hotel!! Everyone is except one guest, Adrianne, in Room 13! It was not known if that was because of Mortimer’s fear of the number 13 or the name similarity to the Doctor, Adrian! It became known as the Feoray Incident, so as the Asylum fell into disuse again, the Hotel became known under a new moniker…Hotel FEAR!

In the latest incarnation of the Asylum, the facility has been taken over by an unknown government agency. While rumors may abound about the activities at the Meadview, it is still good business for the Hotel. Visitors to the facility usually spend a night or two at the Hotel. The Asylum once again becomes the lifeblood of the Hotel…or maybe it’s doom… could it once again become….HOTEL FEAR!


The Asylum began life as The Meadview Health Sanctuary in the early 1900’s. Once a cutting-edge facility, its theories on health fell from social prominence. The facility slowly declined into disuse. Dr. Vander, a pioneer on the issues of mental health, finally reincarnated it.

Tragedy befell Meadview as the Dr., his wife, and daughter were killed by a resident. The son, Adrian, a medical prodigy, was away at school. He felt that his father went wrong with just trying to treat mental illness. If Dr. Vander had found a cure, the Vander family would be alive. Adrian’s obsession began with finding a cure to rationalize his family’s deaths.

Under the guise of a mental health facility, there have been some unknown and hypothetical activities at the Asylum. Rumors abound, everything from genetic enhancement to viral testing. To appease local concerns, the Asylum is allowing visitors to view the facility. To see for themselves that everything is on the up and up. But be careful on your tour, as we are experiencing some unknown electrical issues at the facility! Hopefully, all is safe, and everything and EVERYONE remains contained…. we hope!


September 29-30, 2023
October 5-8, 12-15, 19-22, 26-31, 2023

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Meadows Mall

Address: 4300 Meadows Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89107


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