las vegas turnt up tours venues

Elevate your Las Vegas nightlife experience!

Enjoy exclusive access to top venues, and meet other party-goers for an unforgettable adventure this Labor Day Weekend! USE CODE “LDW80” FOR 20% OFF

Your Turnt Up Tour includes:

  • Expedited entry to each venue
  • An all-female party hostess team
  • No cover charges for each venue
  • Intimate-sized groups of 30 people to a hostess
  • Giveaways and surprises at the end of every tour
  • Party bus music created by Vegas resident club DJs

This #1 Night Club experience has one goal; to help create the most unforgettable night out in Las Vegas. It’s time to get TURNT UP!

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Experience Elite Venues Like Never Before!

At Turnt Up Tours, guests get exclusive access to the most prestigious and desirable venues in Las Vegas. The company has established solid connections with the trendiest nightclubs, lounges, and bars, guaranteeing VIP treatment for all their guests. Joining a Turnt Up Tour grants you access to top-notch venues handpicked for their outstanding atmosphere, music, and overall vibe. Say goodbye to lengthy queues and entrance fees, and enjoy priority entry to these exclusive establishments.

las vegas turnt up tours venues

How does the Turnt Up Tour work?

The tour starts at a bar/lounge within the hotel/casino where the first club is located; you will be instructed to meet your hostess within a 30-minute window. After checking in with your host and receiving brief instructions for the tour, before each club entry, your hostess will communicate the group meet-up time and location to meet her to catch the party bus ride to the next stop.

The tour features two party bus rides between stops and three club venues. On the party bus, cups, ice, and two mixers for cocktail needs are provided. Your hostess will be on board to entertain and serve drinks. Please drink responsibly.

At the very last club, once your hostess guides you inside, that will conclude the end of your tour.

Tour Length: Each crawl is approximately 5 hours of pure fun!

Age Restriction: Must be 21+ with a valid government ID.

Locations: The starting and ending venues vary from Tour to Tour, but what is assured is that they will always be the best of the best on the Strip!

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