Josh Jacobs tweets 'bad business' as he has yet to sign Raiders franchise tender

It’s become quite clear that Josh Jacobs is not happy with the Raiders slapping him with the franchise tag. And why would he be? First they refuse to pick up the fifth year option on his rookie contract, and then after he goes out and leads the league in rushing, they use the franchise tag option to keep him anyway.

Jacobs has yet to sign the franchise tender and it’s no sure thing he will. His latest tweet isn’t a positive sign either.

Assuming this is about his franchise tag situation is not a stretch. Just look at some of his other recent tweets.

A few days ago, he retweeted this Jim Trotter piece about him being underpaid due to tying salaries to position groups.

Likewise, he quote tweeted this video saying running back are “the most disrespected in all of sports” and that he should “boss up and secure the [bag].”

And this response to a fan suggesting he just show up and work and “the bag will come” to which Jacobs — who has not attended any offseason practices — says “nahh”

The question you may be asking yourself is if this means he will hold out of camp or the season perhaps to force a trade or a long term deal. There’s no indication of that.

After all, Jacobs just recently changed his number to 8 so you’d think he has some intention of playing in it.

For now, it sounds mostly like Jacobs is lamenting the rules in place that allow the Raiders and the rest of the NFL to handcuff players on one-year deals via the franchise tag. And in the case of running backs; use the tag to keep the position value down.

He should be pissed about that. Running backs are still valuable players. There simply seems to be a feeling that they don’t have a long shelf life and are easily replaceable and interchangeable.

Watching what Jacobs did last season may suggest otherwise. Considering there aren’t a lot of backs who can do what he did. Jacobs just wants the job security to go with that. And franchise tags are good for one year, so if Jacobs suffers a major injury, he may never get that long term deal.

So, his frustration is understandable.

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