How to Stop Competing with iBuying & Start Capitalizing

iBuyer… the biggest buzzword of the year! The power (and potential) of iBuyers in the real estate industry is undeniable. Fortunately, a lot of smart agents have already figured out how to adapt and leverage iBuying to their advantage. Scott Kooiman discusses everything you need to know about the landscape of iBuying in 2020 and how you can stay competitive by offering the right services and guidance to your clients.

The How-Tos We’ll Cover:

  • How to stay on top of the iBuyer landscape
  • How to implement iBuying as an added arm of your business
  • How to educate the costs and benefits of iBuying
  • How to tailor your lead nurture to get leads when they’re ready

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Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara

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