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Nick Mcgeehon, a top-performing real estate agent on the Krause Basler Team in St. Louis, stresses the importance of knowing your options: “We provide a consultative approach and make sure that you know all your options — whether that is a cash buyer, whether that’s the open market sale, or whether it’s any other type of iBuyer. So, you feel empowered to make the best decision for you and your family.”

Option 2: Hire a top Missouri real estate agent

Even when the clock is ticking, engaging a top Missouri real estate agent can be your key to a seamless and fast home sale.

With in-depth knowledge of the state’s dynamic housing market, these seasoned professionals can expertly guide you through the complexities of selling your home. Their expertise can potentially translate into a higher net profit from your home sale, even within a tight timeframe.

Mcgeehon affirms that, depending on your property and circumstances, an agent can expedite your home sale. “There are situations where you can lead with a price point on a property and still get the most for it without having to do much to it,” he explains. “So really, it’s having that consultative approach [from an agent] to lay out all the options for the family or the seller, whatever the situation is.”

How fast are homes selling in Missouri?

In Missouri, the speed of home sales varies by region and market conditions. However, a noticeable statewide trend has emerged over the last year. According to HomeLight data, the median days on market (DOM), from listing to signed contract, has seen a slight increase. This is likely partly due to higher mortgage interest rates and fewer active buyers.

In addition to this, from the contract signing stage, the journey to closing typically adds about 44 days a buyer needs to close on a purchase loan. This data suggests that while the Missouri housing market remains fairly robust, it may take slightly longer to finalize a traditional agent-assisted sale than in the previous year.

The following data tables offer a clearer perspective on the trends in DOM and median sale prices across the state. (Source: HomeLight)

Median DOM trends in Missouri

Month Median DOM (2022) Median DOM (2023)
January 39 48
February 36 44
March 32 37
April 29 35
May 28 32
June 25 30
July 29
August 32
September 34
October 35
November 35
December 39

Does not include the typical 44 days a buyer needs to close on a purchase loan.

Median sale price trends in Missouri

Month Median Sale Price (2022) Median Sale Price (2023)
January 204000 235000
February 210000 245000
March 215600 253000
April 226500 266000
May 239900 270500
June 259900 290000
July 250000
August 242750
September 242000
October 235000
November 255000
December 248000

Nick Mcgeehon, a top-performing real estate agent in St. Louis, provides further insights on the state’s market trends: “Our average day on market really depends on the area, but we’re probably seeing about 21 to 25 days on market [in the St. Louis area].” Despite slight shifts in the market, a skilled real estate agent can still help expedite the sale of your home in Missouri.

Benefits of selling with a top Missouri agent

Let’s look at how these professionals can make your home sale both quicker and more profitable:

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