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Jesse Allen is a top Indiana real estate agent who sells homes 56% quicker than the average Jeffersonville agent. His company also buys homes. He suggests: “Work with somebody that can give you multiple options. You don’t necessarily only want to work with somebody that buys a house in cash, and you don’t necessarily only want to work with an agent that only lists homes.”

He explains his approach when working with a cash offer request: “Obviously, if we’re going [to assess a house] as an investor, the first option that we give them — if we’re there because they want a cash offer — is we say, ‘This is the cash offer that we can give you based on what we’re seeing here.’ And we always let them know that, obviously, we’re buying this house to make money on it — we’re going to flip it or renovate it and resell it, or we’re going to use it as a rental.”

For some of his clients, a cash offer may not be the best choice.

“If that’s not an option that the seller is interested in, well, then we look at whether or not we have a buyer we’re currently working with that would be interested in paying more for that property,” Allen explains. “If we don’t have a buyer for that specific property, then we explain, ‘This is what you can get on the open market for it.’”

Option 2: Hire a top Indiana real estate agent

Even if you’re under pressure to sell your Indiana home quickly, don’t discount the value of engaging a top real estate agent. Armed with local expertise, these professionals can effectively navigate the Hoosier housing market, leading you to a swift and successful sale.

A top agent can handle everything from staging to price negotiations, potentially securing you a higher return on your home sale, even when time is of the essence.

Allen notes, “It may take a little bit more time [to sell with an agent] because we have to go through getting photos, and we have showings and, potentially, you’re going to make more money that way if you have a time frame to work with that.”

Despite the faster cash offer option, the traditional route with a proven agent might still be your best bet.

Let’s delve deeper into the current market dynamics, the perks of selling with a real estate expert, and how to identify a high-performing real estate agent in your Indiana locale.

How fast are homes selling in Indiana?

Even as you consider expedited ways of selling your home in Indiana, it’s important to understand the typical pace of the local housing market. Knowing the current median Days on Market (DOM), which represents the time from listing to having a signed contract, and the average time until closing, can help you set realistic expectations.

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