How to sell your house fast in Arizona

6. Make your front entryway inviting

One of Hosobe’s core messages to her clients is to “declutter and depersonalize.” Removing the clutter helps the homebuyer see the house. This includes decluttering the front of the home, as well as cleaning or painting the door, vacuuming away dust and debris, cleaning any entryway features such as pillars or awnings, and washing windows.

“Also, consider warming up the doorway with a subliminal welcome mat or adding flowers to the entrance,” she says. “So much of staging is creating a psychological experience for the homebuyer.”

7. Stage your home to stand out

Staging a home can be the single most important way to make your home stand out from the crowd, especially in a homebuying experience that often begins online with home shoppers viewing countless listings.

Hosobe’s goal from the beginning of any staging project is to repair and neutralize the home.

“We have to appeal to the masses, and we have a few rules of thumb that help us do that,” she says. “Repair any holes in the walls and replace missing closet or cupboard doors. If there are very strong colors on the walls, paint them a neutral color throughout the house. The number one thing that can turn a buyer off is too many different paint colors.”

She encourages her homeowners to remove family pictures, religious artifacts, sport team references, or political affiliation symbols or pictures. “On a subconscious level, these things turn a buyer off, because it is just foreign to them,” she explained. “They may feel they can’t live here because the mojo isn’t right.”

8. Increase light and add fans

Lighting your home effectively is one of the most important and often mentioned factors when preparing your home for sale. Open up the drapes and raise the shades. Light adds warmth to the space and makes your rooms look bigger, Hosobe advises.

But don’t rely entirely on the sun, she adds. “If there are completely outdated light fixtures, it’s important to update them to ensure the space is lit properly.”

Hosobe also encourages sellers to add ceiling fans. “Ceiling fans are a critical feature for Arizona homes and something homebuyers look for. As you update the lighting, you may want to consider updating your fans. It’s a small investment that can influence a buyer who comes through and sees a modern light fixture or fan.”

9. Highlight outdoor amenities

Arizona buyers love outdoor space and outdoor amenities, such as a large backyard, a children’s playground, a hot tub, and a patio. Highlight these as useful living spaces with thoughtful staging as you prepare your home for a quick sale.

10. Take advantage of Arizona market timing

Along with the recommendations above, it can be helpful to know the level of market activity in your Arizona market during different times of the year. HomeLight’s Best Time to Sell Calculator uses housing market data for your city to show you the best and worst months to sell your home. See when the best time is to sell a house if you want to make the most money and which months are best to sell your house fast.

Ready to sell your Arizona home?

As you can see, a top real estate agent in Arizona can help you navigate the many nuances that you might not otherwise discover until you’re swamped in the process. Their organizational efficiencies and marketing expertise can help you sell your Arizona house fast.

If you need an even faster sale, HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform provides cash offers for homes in almost any condition in Arizona. If you don’t have the time or the means to prepare your home or move through the traditional listing process, you can skip the repairs and showings and close in as few as 10 days. Complete a short questionnaire and receive a no-obligation cash offer in as little as a week.

Writer ​​Stacy Sare Cohen contributed to this story.

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