Clay Ganpati

As Ganesh Chaturthi is approaching, markets are adorned with an array of Lord Ganesha statues. However, it is important to choose the right idol to be installed during the auspicious 10-day festival that commemorates Lord Ganesh’s visit to Earth. Here is a guide to help you select the perfect idol and welcome Ganpati Bappa to your home this festive season.


Clay idols

Choose idols made of clay as they are traditional and eco-friendly. As per mythology, when Goddess Parvati made Ganpati, she used eco-friendly materials like clay, sandals, and turmeric. You can also make idols that grow into a plant or tree after immersion.

Clay Ganpati



Crown on the head

The head of the Lord Ganesha should have a crown, or turban.

Trunk direction

While choosing a Ganpati statue for home, it’s recommended to have a statue whose trunk is bent towards the left. As per Vastu, the Ganesh idol with trunk to the left is supposed to be bring good fortune and luck.


Note that Ganesh statue with its trunk on the right side requires strict compliance to rituals and pujas.


One of the tusks of Lord Ganesha is broken. Ekdant signifies sacrifice, wisdom, and the ability to overcome obstacles. While getting an idol, ensure one of the tusks is broken/shorter than the other. The trunk of the Ganpati idol should be on the left side.



Four hands or Chaar Bhuj

The idol should have four hands.



The noose symbolises Lord Ganesha’s ability to capture negativity and obstacles.


The ankush represents Lord Ganesha’s power to guide his devotees on the right path.


The modak, Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet, symbolizes the fulfillment of desire and sweetness of life.


The varmudra is the hand gesture through which Lord Ganesha blesses and protects his devotees.

Sacred thread

While getting an idol, ensure whether the god is wearing the sacred thread, Janeu. Else, you may make the idol wear one before starting the Pooja.

Posture and colour

As opposed to any idol, get the Ganesha idol in sitting posture. Make the idol wear clothes in red, or yellow colours as they are considered auspicious.

Mouse with the Ganesh idol

Mouse is the vahan, or vehicle of the Lord Ganesha. They are inseparable. Always ensure that when you get a Ganesha idol, it should have a mouse.

While getting an idol, put a veil on the Ganesh statue that should be removed during the Pooja.

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Which colours are considered auspicious for the clothes of Ganesh idols?

Clothes in red and yellow colours are considered auspicious for the idol.

When is the 10-day Ganesh festival in 2023?

The festival is from September 19, 2023, to September 28, 2023.

For how many days can the statue be kept at home?

Ganesh idols can be kept at home for one and half, three, seven or 11 days.

Why do we immerse the Ganesh idol?

According to mythology, immersing the idol means the beginning of Lord Ganesh’s journey back to his home after his 10-day visit to Earth.

Which is Lord Ganesha’s favourite flower?

Hibiscus is the favourite flower of Lord Ganesha.

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