How To Know When You Need a New Air Conditioner

By Brooke Chaplan 

It’s summertime and your air conditioner is working hard to keep you cool and comfortable. But how do you know when it’s time for a replacement before you’re stuck in an uncomfortable, sweltering situation? Read on to find out. 

Age Matters
The age of your unit is the most important factor to consider when deciding if it’s time for a new system. Most systems will last 10-15 years, depending on how well they are maintained. If your air conditioner is over 12 years old and you’ve been experiencing more frequent breakdowns or repairs, then it may be time to invest in a new unit rather than continue to dump money into an aging system. 

Energy Efficiency
If your current air conditioning system isn’t up-to-date with newer energy efficiency technology, replacing it could save you money in the long run. Newer models are designed for greater energy efficiency so that less power is needed to cool your home. This can lead to lower energy bills each month and less money spent on costly repairs over time. Additionally, the government periodically offers tax incentives and other financial rewards for upgrading older units with more efficient models, so be sure to check your local regulations for any potential savings opportunities. 

Leaks or Moisture Problems
An air conditioner that produces condensation should never be ignored as this can lead to serious problems such as mold growth or water damage within the walls of your home. When moisture accumulates near the indoor coils or drain line, this could be an indication that the unit needs to be replaced or repaired immediately by a qualified technician. Leaks can also occur due to clogged drain lines which should also be addressed right away as these problems won’t go away on their own!

Noisy Operation
Noise can be another indication that something isn’t quite right with your air conditioner. Older units tend to make more noise than newer ones due to wear and tear on the parts inside the unit itself. If you notice loud noises coming from the AC unit—such as grinding or rattling sounds—then it could be time for an upgrade. Additionally, if you find yourself constantly adjusting the temperature settings because the cooling effect isn’t what it used to be, then this could also signal the need for a replacement.

It’s important to recognize when it’s time for a new air conditioner before you find yourself in a sticky situation during the hot summer months! Keeping an eye out for warning signs such as age, energy efficiency, leaks, or moisture problems can help ensure that you make an informed decision about whether or not it’s time to upgrade your unit and stay cool all season long!

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She recommends looking into options for ac replacement if your unit begins to show any of the signs listed above. For more information, contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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