How To Build A Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Oasis This Summer

Summer is the ideal time for outdoor living, lounging and gathering. Building a luxury outdoor kitchen space can allow you to enjoy the outdoors while cooking and entertaining. If you want to create a space that’ll offer the perfect environment for dinner parties and cookouts, look no further. Follow along as we explore the steps to build an outdoor kitchen oasis this summer.

Develop a Budget
Completing any home addition can be expensive, yet it poses an opportunity to improve the value of your home. Developing a budget is a great way to accomplish whatever home enhancement you want. For this project, consider material expenses, appliance payments, energy usage and labor costs. When choosing which funding route to go, consider the potential return on investment.

For smaller to medium projects, you can base your budget using built-up existing savings or, depending on your project timeline, begin periodically contributing to a savings account each month to fund these expenses. Depending on how much you save, this is a reliable way to pay for a project without putting yourself at risk for new debt. For larger projects, a home improvement loan or looking into cash-out refinance options are reliable funding sources. Home improvement loans can provide flexible repayment options with competitive interest rates, while a cash-out refinance allows you to leverage your home’s equity by turning it into cash in exchange for a larger mortgage.

Choose the Right Location
One of the most critical steps when building an outdoor kitchen is to pick the perfect location outside your home. There are a few factors to consider, including the proximity to your home, scenery and accessibility. You should also consider your local climate and sun exposure while considering privacy in this space.

Depending on your preference, choosing how close you want your kitchen space to the main part of your home is critical. Find a spot that is easily accessible from the inside of your home. For privacy purposes, a secluded backyard space is a reliable option to build your kitchen. The most common practice is to extend the kitchen space onto an enclosed patio or deck section in your backyard. However, be mindful of sun exposure, too much sun in certain spots can potentially create discomfort. Combat this by implementing umbrellas, pergolas or retractable awnings.

Design the Ideal Layout
Once you’ve picked the right location for your outdoor kitchen space, it’s time to design your layout. In your design, it’s best to consider spatial awareness. You should ensure there is enough space for food prep, cooking, serving and eating. Unlike indoor kitchens, you’re not restricted to the four-wall layout. Instead, you’ll use appliances, countertops and furniture to define the space.

The size of your space will dictate the layout plan of your outdoor kitchen. For a smaller space, consider a more traditional one-wall kitchen layout to complement the size of your patio space. If you have more room, consider an L-shaped, U-shaped or island kitchen design to provide functionality and fun. Along with your cooking space, designing a dining space is equally important. Crafting an outdoor area that can accommodate your family, friends and guests is critical when creating the ideal layout. Make your kitchen pop by incorporating custom decor, outdoor rugs, plants and more. Personal flare can spark a sense of style and uniqueness to your outdoor oasis. 

Implement High-Quality Appliances
Depending on the design, cooking appliances will play a key role in defining your space. High-quality appliances are the heart of your luxury kitchen. Picking the right appliances is an extension of your cooking habits, interests and taste. The most common outdoor kitchen appliances include grills, pizza ovens, side burners, refrigerators and sinks.

Selecting the perfect appliances for your outdoor kitchen can be tricky. Judge your choices based on performance, durability and power source. When picking these appliances, use their energy and power features as an indication to decide if it’s a good fit for your kitchen. In comparison to indoor cooking machinery, these appliances must resist oxidation, corrosion and exterior damage. Typically, outdoor tools run on electricity or gas, but also natural gas and propane. Be mindful of safety considerations and requirements along with the proximity to your utilities. 

Pick the Right Cabinets and Furniture
To add value to your luxury outdoor kitchen, complement your space by adding creative storage options and high-quality furniture. Custom cabinetry and outdoor furniture play a major role in personalizing your luxury outdoor kitchen. 

Two of the most common outdoor cabinet materials include stainless steel and PVC for their durability and aesthetic. However, when it comes to outdoor kitchen storage high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cabinets are equally durable and easier to maintain. Additionally, the summer sun will never fade HDPE cabinets, keeping them chic for longer.

Outdoor patio furniture will work well for your outdoor kitchen space. Specifically, teak furniture will offer all-weather protection while providing a sense of comfort and style. Incorporating other weather-proof chairs, stools or couches will maximize entertainment, dining and relaxation. Adding an outdoor kitchen table may act as a reliable setting for parties, events or family dinners.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Oasis
Now is the best time to create an outdoor kitchen oasis. Combine comfort, dining and the great outdoors by building a lounging space everyone can enjoy. Create the space of your dreams by choosing the right location, designing the ideal layout, adding high-quality appliances and finding the perfect furniture. Enjoy your home this summer by completing a luxury kitchen addition!

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