Housewarming: Interior Décor Tips for the Season of Entertaining

As fall entertaining season heats up on its way to the winter holiday revels, Elliman Insider sought some decorating inspo from Lauren Lear, Associate Design Director at the award-winning design studio Accouter. The London-based studio provides interiors for global real estate clients of Knight Frank Residential, the UK-based international partner of Douglas Elliman.

Lauren Lear

What is the easiest and most low-maintenance way to bring seasonality into the home during the fall

Layering and playing with textures, such as adding throws and cushions, will easily bring a cozier vibe to your home.

Dried flower wreaths and table decorations last years and naturally have a warmer palette and don’t require you to water or refresh week on week over the fall.

Pumpkins and gourds may be a cliché, but using autumnal produce for your décor is an easy way of changing things up on a budget. Plus, they don’t perish easily and can be made into a delicious soup when you’re finished with them!

What colors and tones help to bring fall indoors? And which ones should be avoided? 

Earthy tones of burnt umber, sage and red are the automatic go-to for fall interiors, and as my home personally is filled with these all year round, it makes this transition very easy.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Buck the tradition and experiment with color! No color is off the cards—fall brings an abundance of color and celebration, so go wild and have fun.

What is a common mistake that people make with fall décor? 

To start, avoid the cliches, gimmicks and flammable paper decorations.

Although I love the traditional warm fall scene, with an abundance of layering, plaid and fur, a chic contemporary look is much easier to achieve if moodier tones aren’t your bag. This will help your fall interior seem much more authentic, as it’s your home but a bit more extra, rather than a faux window at Macy’s, which can look forced.

Invest in beautiful, quality decorations that can be brought out each year. This will reduce waste and costs over time—and you will end up with a stunning collection of ornaments and tableware that can become heirlooms passed down generations, adding to it over the years.

How can we decorate our homes to create a cozy environment that feels appropriate for fall but is still stylish?

First and foremost, you should consider lighting and scent. Candles and table lamps help to create an ambience. We all know when the season is upon us when the smell changes throughout coffee shops and stores. Scent is such a powerful tool for memories and emotions. But please: no pumpkin spice candles!

When hosting, your tablescape is crucial. A slight nod to fall themes in crockery and tableware can be a very tasteful way to change up your dining area for all the entertaining you will be doing over the fall period such as the fabulous tablecloths and serve ware from La Double J.

Another fun and easy way to incorporate color is with some beautiful glassware, such as the Luisa Chalise from R+D Lab. This will elevate your tablescape from summer to fall. You know it’s the celebration season when the “good china and crystal” come out!

When entertaining, what is the most important décor piece that should not be forgotten?

The classic cocktail trolley or cabinet is an absolute must have. The perfect place for your guest to gather round and help themselves to a lovely selection of beverages—plus it saves you from pouring all the drinks. Whether you go with a mid-century modern antique, or a contemporary take on the classic, creating that cosy cocktail corner will get everyone excited for the evening ahead.

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