Hardware Shopping? It’s Fun!

Inventer Neil Bevilacqua brought his “ELT” (EarthLifterTool) to the National Hardware Show. The product prevents back strain when digging in lawns and gardens. He says, “It makes weeding fun!” Retail cost is about $165.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Seventy-eight years ago, two men, Abe Rosenberg and Charlie Snitow, produced the first National Hardware Show. Last week, RX (formerly Reed Exhibitions) produced the 2023 show at the Las Vegas Convention Center–with attendance estimated at more than 30,000 professionals from more than 80 countries in the hardware and home improvement industries. The show marketing copy says that the show is “the best place to meet face-to-face with new and current customers, showcase product launches and innovations and discover the newest trends that are shaping the future of the industry.”

Attendance at the National Hardware Show gives attendees the opportunity also to attend related shows such as the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and the NAHB Interantional Builders Show (both also at the Las Vegas Convention Center) and the International Surface Event at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The week of all these shows is called “Design and Construction Week” in Las Vegas.

Because I didn’t have an entire week to go to all these shows, I attended just one show, the National Hardware Show AND I’m certain I didn’t see everything. BUT I did have a video camera with me and if you want to get a “taste” of the National Hardware Show, see the video below.

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