Fremont Juneteenth Riots:  Escalating Violence in Downtown Las Vegas Raises Concerns for Tourist Safety

The wave of nightly chaos and violence in Downtown Las Vegas has once again plagued the Fremont Street Experience, leaving visitors terrorized and authorities seemingly turning a blind eye to the escalating violence and chaos. The increasing number of fights and criminal incidents throughout the downtown area has showcased a concerning reality: black teenage street gangs and thugs have taken control of Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip, putting innocent people at risk of assault, robbery, and even death.

Despite the severity of the situation, local Las Vegas media outlets have chosen to again remain silent about the continued attacks on Fremont Street and the Strip. People are being victimized on a nightly basis, as street gangs and thugs are allowed to wreak havoc on our community.

For the past three years, we have been sounding the alarm bells about the and how the Fremont Street Experience, the City of Las Vegas, and Fremont Street Casinos are well aware of the ongoing mayhem, yet little has been done to address the issue effectively. In fact, this weekend, they invited a known criminal gang member Soulja Boy to perform on Fremont Street, knowing the types of crowds and chaos it would attract.

The criminal canceled the show at the last minute, seemingly enraging the gangs who had already come to start trouble.

Why would the city and the Fremont Street Experience invite a known criminal who has been charged multiple times for beating the hell out of women to Las Vegas at Taxpayer expense? Seemingly for the same reason they allow and promote child exploitation and mentally ill drug addicts to terrorize people in their city-sponsored bum circles.

Instead of prioritizing the safety of visitors, some casino owners, such as Derek Stevens, have focused on helping democrats kill our city, neglecting the urgent need to protect tourists from mentally ill addicts and street gangs that now roam freely on Fremont Street and inside their casinos.

City Allowing Street Gangs and Children to Roam Fremont Street!

As we have exposed numerous times, and as can be witnessed in the videos of the riots above where you can see elementary school children in the middle of the fights, the City of Las Vegas is knowingly allowing these people in government sponsored “performance circles”. In fact, even after a 16-year old gunned down people on Fremont Street earlier this year, the city continues to allow these same animals to terrorize tourists.

Why is the City of Las Vegas Sponsoring Child Exploitation and Allowing Gangs to Claim Turf on Fremont?

While the unenforced curfew for unaccompanied minors exists, the City of Las Vegas has no problem allowing three-year-olds to be forced to perform in their Government Sponsored performance circles – often among a sea of pot and meth smoke, just feet away from bars full of drunken revelers.

And now, just feet away from kids who are being forced to work as street performers (some as young as 3-4 years old) the city of Las Vegas is now allowing PedoPervs to perform open sex acts in their bum circles!

This is the Real Fremont Street Experience…

The truth is what happened this weekend isn’t shocker, in fact, it is a nightly occurrence on Fremont Street. Here are just a few of the events over the last month.

Fremont Street could be great; in fact, it could be one of the shining jewels of tourism for our city. Sadly, it’s become a place where the lowest common denominator seem to multiply nightly. Instead of being able to enjoy the live music, you have to watch your back at all times or else you could become the latest victim of the City of Las Vegas created shit show!

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