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“We actually just crossed over the border,” says emerging singer-songwriter Miya Folick. It’s the day after the opening show for her sophomore album Roach and she’s headed from Vancouver to Seattle. While on the road, Folick took some time to chat with the Weekly about her upcoming stop at the Life Is Beautiful festival and whose sets she hopes to check out if she has the time.

You’ve played a few shows here before. Got any crazy Vegas stories? We were just in Vegas this past month, and I don’t think any of us left the casino we played in because it was just so hot. But before that, we played another festival and got upgraded to an insane suite, which was unexpected. I’ve never seen a room like that in my life; it had like seven beds and five bathrooms and everything was gold-plated. But yeah, I don’t really have any wild Vegas stories. I even visited for a bachelorette party and that was tame by Vegas standards.

How do you feel about playing festivals, compared to headlining your own shows? They definitely have their differences, and there’s something about playing in a venue that I really love. But people are there [at festivals] to have fun, and maybe there isn’t that intimacy of headlining a show but I still love it. My fans are pretty, pretty eclectic—for the most part they’re very sweet and they’re there to have a fun emotional time. It’s a very communal feeling.

Which of your songs do you recommend people check out before your set? I’d say to check out “Bad Thing” and “Get Out of My House.”

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at LIB? When playing a festival, you never know if you’re going to have time to go out and see other artists, but let me take a look at the lineup the day I’m playing. It would be awesome to see Nelly and Khalid … and oh my God, Kim Petras. I really hope I can see that!

MIYA FOLICK Sunday, 5:45 p.m., Rolling Stone

Photo of Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela Rodriguez is a Staff Writer at Las Vegas Weekly. A UNLV grad with a degree in journalism and media …

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