Fontainebleau Las Vegas looking to fill 1,500 positions

Fontainebleau Las Vegas has initiated a massive hiring push ahead of its grand opening in December.

The Las Vegas Strip’s newest luxury resort and casino, which has been in the works for more than a decade, announced today several efforts to recruit more than 6,500 employees, or “members,” to its workforce.

“This is where the years and the months of planning start to turn into a reality, where we’re now thinking about how to actually operate the business — and with the members and the talent that we recruit from the marketplace,” Mark Tricano, president of the Fontainebleau, told the Las Vegas Sun. “So, in many ways, it’s kind of the dream becoming a reality.”

A nearly weeklong job fair to fill about 1,500 food, beverage and nightlife positions at the Fontainebleau will take place at Vū Las Vegas later this month, according to a news release. The space will be transformed to reflect the Fontainbleau’s nightlife, food and beverage venues, the release said.

The Fontainebleau sets itself apart from other Las Vegas properties through its desire to foster a unique and high-quality environment of modern luxury, Tricano said, and the overall hiring goal is to build a company and culture consistent with that vision.

Many locals have expressed interest in working at the Fontainebleau, he added. As of Monday, tens of thousands of people had applied for the just over 200 roles listed on the resort’s website, he said.

“So, when we talk about the organization, we talk about our ownership, our values with regards to the member culture that we’re creating — it seems to be resonating with a lot of people,” Tricano told the Sun. “And they’re responding as such through those applications.”

Tricano said he is excited about the hiring process, and ultimately to share all that the Fontainebleau has to offer with its employees and eventually its guests, with the resort’s planned opening in December, pending regulatory approvals.

“It’s been great that there’s been a tremendous amount of interest, and obviously we want to make sure that we’re hiring the best quality candidates that are out there on the market … like-minded in spirit and vision of what we’re trying to accomplish,” Tricano said.

The site, near the Circus Circus and Sahara, had sat unfinished on the Strip since 2009 because of financial issues brought on by the Great Recession. The 67-floor, soaring blue-glass tower building, is named after Miami Beach’s 1950s-era Fontainebleau hotel.

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