ESPN predicts Raiders will move on from Jimmy Garoppolo after 2023 season

Jimmy Garoppolo hasn’t even played a single snap with the Raiders and there is already noise that the team wants to move on. All of that is speculation as the Raiders are excited about Garoppolo in Josh McDaniels’s offense.

However, the Raiders have covered themselves in case Garoppolo isn’t the answer in Las Vegas. The team can move on from him after the 2023 season and they might decide to do that if he can’t stay healthy. Again, that is the worst-case scenario as the Raiders would love to have Garoppolo succeed.

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In a recent article by Dan Graziano of ESPN, he said that the most likely outcome is that the Raiders move on from Garoppolo after the 2023 season. Here is what he believes will be the most likely outcome for Garoppolo and what the team might do after the year:

The Raiders struggle badly in 2023 with a roster that appears to be much worse than the one McDaniels took over just last offseason. Garoppolo misses a chunk of games because of injury. Davante Adams, who went to Vegas to play with his college buddy Carr, decides he wants to be traded.

The Raiders, as the 49ers once did, decide they can’t count on Garoppolo to stay healthy and move on. In this scenario, they have a very high pick in the draft — maybe high enough to get Williams or Maye.

Garoppolo has been up and down during training camp, but that is to be expected as he is recovering from a foot injury and is learning a new offense. Again, the Raiders are very hopeful that things can work out and believe that he will be an upgrade over Derek Carr.

But if things don’t work out, don’t be surprised if the Raiders move quickly next offseason and search for their next franchise quarterback.

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