Vegas Soccer Match

Vegas Soccer Match

Earlier in the week, the United States soccer team dominated Mexico in a 3-0 victory in the semifinals of a regional championship tournament in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium. Oddly, there was very little coverage of the event or the win here in Las Vegas, and now we know why.

It seems that there were over a dozen different riots and fights throughout the stadium, and even on the field. Our sources tell us that Nevada State government officials were fearful that if this got out, it would derail the stadium deal that had just been pushed through the night before through a series of secretive backroom deals.

The little coverage it did receive was mostly by national and international media outlets who claimed the game was stopped due to homophobic chants by the crowd — I guess pretending it was anti-Pride discrimination fit the agenda better than telling people about the chaos these stadiums bring to our city!

Sadly, what happened is not shocking. In fact, it happens every time Allegiant Stadium hosts these soccer matches as we have been covering since the stadium opened. As we have covered numerous times, Allegiant Stadium is a disaster, but a disaster most people knew was coming when we brought in one of the trashiest teams in the NFL with some of the worst and most violent fans to Las Vegas.

The recent news comes as we exposed Governor Lombardo’s backroom deals with the A’s and Nevada Democrats, which involves massive taxpayer funding requirements, backroom transgender surgery for children deals, and alleged connections to corrupt individuals like Steve Sisolak’s wife.

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