York Fire

York Fire

Wade Vandervort

Smoke obscures a view of the mountains in Nipton, California Monday, July 31, 2023.

Flights in and out of Harry Reid International Airport are experiencing delays due to low visibility, as smoke from the York Fire — a 77,000-acre wildfire that crossed into Nevada Sunday — makes its way to Las Vegas.

Departure delays are increasing and have reached up to 45 minutes so far, while some arriving flights have been delayed by an average of nearly two hours, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Obviously, aviation’s such an interconnected system that when you see delays it can ripple throughout the day — throughout the schedule,” airport spokesman Joe Rajchel said. “We’re going to continue to just monitor the situation and see what we’re seeing here today and in the coming days.”

According to FlightAware, an aviation company that provides flight tracking data in real time, Harry Reid had seen a total 576 delays and 51 cancellations as of Monday afternoon.

Rajchel emphasized that the best information for passengers regarding their flight status will come from the airlines, and he recommends checking it before arriving to the airport.

Packing any extra medications, childcare items or other essentials that may become necessary in the event of a delay is also advisable, said Rajchel, who noted that expected thunderstorms in the area also have the potential to disrupt travel.

“If you can help it, check the flight status before you come here,” he said.

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