Cardi B

Cardi B

The local and national media is oddly trying to blame a fan for Rapper Cardi B’s assault on multiple people in Las Vegas by claiming that the rapper threw a mic at an audience member in self-defense after a fan splashed water on her. What none of them are showing you is the actual video of what happened, where she and her trashy entourage of convicted felons told the crowd to “splash her in the pussy” before she assaulted an audience member.

Later that night, there is more video of her reportedly throwing another mic at and assaulting a DJ at Drai’s Nightclub at the Cromwell on the Las Vegas Strip. The media and the usual Paid Vegas Casino PR Twitter bloggers all have the whole video. Yet, they are pushing the false narrative that this fan caused — of course this is nothing but a cover story to protect the casinos yet again and hide that they are hiring violent criminals who attract violent crowds to our city. On a side note, pay attention to when the mic is thrown; how exactly is she still rapping without a mic – oh, that’s right, the casinos are charging people hundreds, and even thousands of dollars in a scam where they knowingly bring in people who don’t actually sing and instead play iPad tracks while criminals lip-sync to computer-generated voices!

Why does Caesars Entertainment Continue to Cater to Trashy Criminals?

Why are large casino corporations like Caesars and MGM catering to known criminals? How many more assaults, rapes by rappers inside casinos, and shootings by so-called rappers need to happen before they stop flooding our town with these fake trashy “performers”?

These are the same trashy fake performers who were given the red carpet treatment during the COVID shutdowns, and allowed to throws massive maskless parties at Caesars properties while the rest of the world was harassed, scolded, and kicked out for not wearing a mask.

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Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara

A Las Vegas Realtor since 2008. Mike has a wide range of knowledge around all things Las Vegas.

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