Computer vision pioneer unleashes its tech on valuations

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Computer vision pioneer has launched a valuation suite geared at modernizing the appraisal process and assisting in compliance with new Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs that make it easier to get loans approved without an appraisal.

A 2023 Inman Innovator award winner for technology, has made a name for itself by harnessing artificial intelligence to allow real estate agents and multiple listing services to auto-populate relevant listing details extracted from property images.

Now, says it’s integrated its computer vision technology into a Valuation Product Suite that can automatically pre-populate or validate most required fields for appraisal reports.

That’s a timely capability given new standards implemented by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requiring more detailed information for each property report.

Fannie Mae now evaluates photos for condition and has been rejecting appraisals when comparables are used without the appropriate adjustments, says.

“The new products we are launching for the appraisal industry are all about modernization,” Chief Product Officer Nathan Brannen said in a statement. “Our AI solutions enable appraisers to more quickly analyze properties and markets so they can spend more time using their expertise to produce better valuations.”

Fannie and Freddie are also gearing up to approve more loans without appraisals, in some cases allowing lenders to augment automated collateral evaluations with property data reports.

On April 15, Fannie Mae rolled out a new process for getting mortgages approved without an appraisal — “value acceptance + property data” — that still requires a full interior and exterior inspection capturing data and images throughout the property.

To date, Fannie Mae has approved 19 full-service “value acceptance + property data” providers who offer lenders property data collection and order fulfillment and eight technology solution providers for lenders who want to use their own data collectors.

Freddie Mac rolled out a similar program, ACE+ property data report (PDR), last year. The program allows lenders to augment automated collateral evaluations with property data reports in lieu of an appraisal. The property data reports are available from a number of approved vendors and don’t have to be completed by an appraiser. says its new Valuation Product Suite features technology for comparable properties, data collection, form pre-population and validation and an appraisal complexity score:

  • Comparable properties: Delivers up to 200 recently sold comparable properties when provided with a subject property address, using image-based condition and quality analysis.
  • Data collection: Enables real-time image analysis and auto-populating of relevant features within the data collection mobile apps.
  • Form pre-population and validation: Pre-populates or validates common appraisal and inspection forms based on public records data, property data and property photos included in the report.
  • Appraisal complexity score: Provides clarity on the intricacy of property-based living areas, lot sizes and image insights like condition or architectural style.

Less than a week after the Aug. 3 launch of its Valuation Product Suite, announced a strategic partnership with Bradford Technologies, a solutions provider for valuation professionals. Through the partnership,’s computer vision and machine learning technology will be integrated into Bradford Technologies’ report quality control processes.

“’s Visual Insights artificial intelligence technology takes a photo and converts it into detailed information,” said Bradford Technologies CEO Jeff Bradford, in a statement. “This is a service every appraiser needs to improve their inspection efficiency.”

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